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I am Umasankar - This is my personal blog. My qualification is Graduation. And Business Development of Computer. I want to shear my knowledge of yoga. So I create this blog. If any quarry please comment. And would be happy and helpful you please like and shear.

If you have never attempted any yoga before, the best way to learn is from a live human being. That person can see what you are doing with your body and help you do i properly. It's like any three- dimensional motion like learning to play a harp or learning to swim Learning these skills traditionally involve someone looking at what your body is doing and providing helpful feedback. The more you can get feedback in the early stages, to help you build good foundational skills, the better it will serve you for the decades of your life With that being said, not all of us are in a location where we have access to a live human being.

Umasankar das
West Bengal
Contact- myyogacare.info@gmail.com