Yoga For Pregnant Ladies

Yoga For Pregnant women

  Yoga for pregnant women :

In my beginner classes pregnant women can continue to practice Yoga until the end of the 6th month. 

I give variations in the positions so that they are adapted to the pregnancy of each one. 

Each month I adapt to your needs, check with you your well being, your physical condition and adapt the practice week after week. 

Continue practicing pregnant yoga, or getting started is a good thing, with a teacher. 

There are some instructions to follow :

If you want to do yoga when you have never done it before and you are pregnant, your teacher, Christine, will ask you several questions to check your health status and your health history. pregnancies. A medical certificate will also be requested. If you practice yoga and become pregnant, continue and report it to your teacher. 
You will be able to do most simple asanas, taking certain precautions and with certain adaptations, your teacher will indicate them to you. 

The end of the first trimester is the period when you are the most tired, so first of all listen to your body. Do not start doing yoga at this time (between the 11th and 13th week of pregnancy

Some basic guidelines when practicing :

- Practice yoga gently, for you and your body, never force. By settling into the postures, promote comfort and the absence of tension. 

-Do not make any movement that presses your stomach, always leave room for the baby, whatever the postures. 
-Do not work on the muscles of the lower abdomen (abs ... etc.). 
- From the beginning of the 3rd month, do not do the inverted postures. 
For any other question, do not hesitate, ask.

benefits of yoga on pregnant women

The benefits of yoga on pregnant women:

Improves breathing and chest capacity, useful during childbirth.
Gives an awareness of con body, improves the feeling of it, its changes that take place during pregnancy
Give self-confidence. 
Relax the baby !!! At the same time as the mother.

yoga asanas for pregnant ladies

Are you pregnant? If so, your experience usually includes happy emotions and pain caused by sudden cramps. The baby's kick is pleasant, but at the same time it is very tired. Pregnancy does not mean you have to lie in bed all day. For normal people, exercise is also crucial for pregnant women. It not only helps you relax, but also balances mood swings, relaxes sputum, soothes for nine months, and then delivers smoothly.

1. Tadasana

Tadasana yoga

The mountain pose is just the best yoga pose for pregnant women because it helps strengthen the spine and relieve back pain.

2. Virbhadrasana

Virbhadrasana yoga

The warrior pose is just the best position for the entire body of the pregnant woman. It helps strengthen your lower back and keep your back, chest and hip muscles right.

3. Trikonasana

Trikonasana yoga

Your digestive system can be disturbed when you are pregnant. The triangular pose helps to maintain balance and helps to make your hips flexible.

4. Uttanasana

Uttanasana yoga

Bending forward helps to relax the legs and back of the pregnant woman.

5. Marjariasana 

The cat/cow posture should be avoided during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy, but then it helps to increase blood circulation and strengthen the wrists and shoulders.

Yoga posture pregnant women should avoid :

Most pregnant women know the yoga postures they should stop doing, such as cobras, mites and bows, all of which are lying on your stomach; and, compressing the abdomen, such as head to knee or sitting forward. However, there are several other issues that may cause problems (as well as some modification options).

The open hip pose of a half-open or full lotus pose serves as a place to concentrate, breathe and concentrate. But during pregnancy, your blood volume will increase dramatically, and the walls of the blood vessels will relax to accommodate extra blood, making you more prone to edema (swelling) and varicose veins. Sitting on such a cross-legged seat makes it easy to cut off the circulation of the legs and feet, and can produce a tingling sensation by pressing the nerves.

Modified: Sit on the hips but point one heel to the front and the feet to the spine. The hips are open, the pelvis and spine are aligned, but the blood and nerve circulation is not cut off.

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