What Is Ashatanga Yoga Poses?

What is asthanga yoga?

What is Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga would not exist without Sri Krisna Pattabhi Jois and her vinya-sa technique. He was affectionately called "Guruji" by his students. We have the foundations of dynamic yoga in the 1920s in Shri Tirumali Krishnamacharya of which Shri Krisna Pattabhi Jois (Guruji) was the disciple for 25 years from 1927 to 1945. In 1948, he began to teach Ashtanga to Lakshminupram in a room of his house in Mysore. 

He taught his grandson Sharath from the age of 19 Ashtanga yoga, now the only student of K Pattabhi Jois to practice the 6 series of Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic yoga that brings strength and stability to everyone.Called by Americans "Powerful Yoga" 

It is also practiced by young people: women and men, as well as the less young. 

Practiced diligently, it refines the silhouette, muscle arms, dorsal, abdominals and leads to an inner strength.

Ashtanga yoga consists of chaining asanas classified by series. He asks a work of memorization, the student is invited to repeat every day the series to not forget the postures. For the most important beginner is to remember the sequences.The way in which posture and imperfections are achieved are not the most important points for the beginner of Ashtanga. At the beginning the beginner will start with a practice which does not last much more than 30-40 minutes, and day after day adding a new asana the practice lengthens to last 1h then 1h 30. By the realization of a regular practice, the observation, an equanimous attitude develops. As the student progresses in his practice. 

Benefits of asthanga yoga

There are many forms of yoga, but Ashtanga is one of the most physical yoga. It involves a series of actions - the same every time - in just over an hour. (Although some days, if I don't have time, I will do my best.) You either hold five deep breathing positions or go to the next time. This is about the attraction of Astanga: once you start, you will always go to the end.

There are many gestures that can be passed and are very demanding. I have seen people in the gym go to the Ashtanga Yoga class and are amazed at the physical condition. You are using all the muscles, including those you don't even realize your muscles. This is a good way to stay healthy. I am stronger and stronger than me, especially in my upper body, arms and back.

Ashtanga Yoga requires constant deep breathing, and you must keep the entire series; keeping your breath is actually more important than the posture itself. The spiritual aspects of yoga may over-emphasize and allow people to leave, but yoga helps clear my mind. Some people can sit and meditate, but that is not me. I must have that kind of physical focus to calm my inner voice. When my husband died in 2008, at the age of 43, I fell to the bottom. Yoga is one thing I managed to stick to. You can feel so upset and it will drown you. But yoga, having time for myself, is a way to cope. I am not crazy about yoga, but I know how happy I am by doing this.

My weekend workout

How often do you practice? One Friday. General ceremony? I lit a candle and closed the curtains. The biggest posture? Crab, you stretch your arms backwards and fall on your palm.

Five ways to get started Ashatanga Yoga 

#01. There are many different styles of yoga, even in each style, each teacher is different. There are a lot of down-to-earth and accessible courses - it's worth sticking to the right course until you find the right course.

#02. The only thing you need is a mat so your hands and feet will not slip to the floor. You can wear anything you like, as long as it doesn't limit your movement - elasticity is ideal.

#03. Yoga is about conscious breathing, so by placing one hand on your abdomen, the other hand on your chest, familiar with it, and focus on slow, deep breathing. When you breathe and exhale, try counting up to five.

#04. Don't worry about demanding postures - just stand up, put your feet on your hips, your shoulders down, and lift your head up to the ceiling. Try breathing exercises now.

#05. Yoga is not about whether you can touch your toes or how you look at your legs. Anyone in their lives can be open, reassured, and even learn at any time. 

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