What is Sahaja Yoga?

What is sahaja yoga?

                  What is Sahaja Yoga?

Through Sahaja Yoga, we connect with high powers, discover our inner God, and find a way to become familiar with the inner abstract spirit. Through Sahaja Yoga Meditation, people gradually become more balanced, enhanced by happiness and knowledge, and improved their lives.

The word yoga means synonym or association in Sanskrit, meaning that the power of Kundalini is connected to other intersections (in the middle of the intestines) to connect the forces of space.

Due to the different ways of seeking and inspiring in ancient times, humans and high energy (and the more popular physical yoga practice we know), various forms of yoga have emerged. There are many yoga traits. We know Sangyoga, Dha Yoga, Bakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kundalini Yoga. The ultimate goal of each type of yoga is the power of the universe, the supreme power of omnipotence, the fusion and cultivation of the spirit. Outside the cave, there are many yogis in the cave to extend the inner world to humans.

Kundalini Yoga was established - the internal strength of Kundalini was created. But in ancient times it was difficult to raise it, it was difficult to raise it, it was dangerous, it would hurt the human body and burn it in ancient times. This is because if Kundalin tries to mislead him, he will be ill. Only a few of the best people will be separated by their own bodies. They could have recovered Kundalini long after the difficulty.

The era of asceticism and the mountains. It really did reach some people. Kundalini Yoga is a true yoga practice, not just for ordinary people, but only for mental thinking. As mentioned above, the disease caused by the recovery of Kundalini is actually an electric shock. If he tries to resurrect Kundalini wrongly, he or she may have such a disease.
This error message was also denied by the famous teacher Janesvara (ancient Indian philosopher).

Sri Matyura Nirula Devi studied the experience of ancient Indians based on the old book Sutra Purana and opened the Sahaja Yoga method for modern people. The main force behind growth and growth is the introduction of Kundalin, a method of restoring the human body.

At the crossroads of these banners, the three overall and half-volume Kundalini are involved in the bones of the innocent (innocent born) without any painful burden and no spontaneity. Sri Matjii opened the center of Sahasrara, the last human cachra and the entire human race. As a result, Kundalini has the opportunity to recover from the inner and inner strength of the Supreme.

Sahaja Yoga is for everyone, it is a way to open up the inner abilities of human beings. This is the "inner technology of the Buddha" (method) - the ability of a person to manage (sympathy) with two tight channels, which are based on the central (parasympathetic) growth and development system. Everyone can perceive this method (not involved) and it does not conflict with any religion.

When Kundalini arrived at the Sakharavara chakra, the human eye was opened and the characters in Samadhi were associated with spatial knowledge. As a result, gradually, a person becomes more mature. Nekundarini touched the Sakharavara chakra and reached out to the left hand, the palm, the bottom of the leg and the fetus. Such a cool feeling (an ancient genius of India) was named Adi Shankaracharya of "chanticley lahi". When Kundalini returns, space energy flows through the body and provides energy to every cell of the body.

Some of the people associated with the supreme history of historical sites are:

 М. Gandhi, В. Blake, Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare... Their work has eternal quality and good positive energy. The origin of special positions also comes from the sources of "knowledge": Christos, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Mesa, Rama, Confucius, Laos, Muhammad.

How to implement a yoga guru ?

When we restore the power of Kundalini, the following steps, each chakra, will be improved and strengthened.

When you practice, free your brain from the burden of all your thoughts and pay close attention to your Kundalini (feel more spontaneous). Kundalini is the intellectual, intrinsic and personal nature of our body.

Note - Cooling wave (feeder, high power). The right hand and the left hand focus on the right side. When the imbalance comes from our system, we become awake and peace is in our body. Appearance - Our body movements and our thoughts accelerate.

Learn how to feel the center of energy or chakras and learn how to correct it.

There are many lectures taught by Sri Matari, and we can help validate the knowledge we gain and add the basics. Knowledge from the outside brings the following new discoveries to our souls:

Gradually, the deep rule of the universe will be understood and will find its place in the world, thus supporting the joy and happiness of love and losing the lost energy.

What is important is that our “communication” is uninterrupted (the connection between Kundalini and space). It requires daily meditation practice every day. The ideal time is the morning of dawn, which takes 15 to 30 minutes to get rid of the stress of the day and the pressure of the last day. We will be able to apply new knowledge and feelings throughout this life cycle. In the process of our cultivation, our high-strength relationship has deepened our unity and enhanced our understanding of the soul. It is like the water droplets in the ocean and the flow of love for life.

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