By which Yoga begin: Hatha Yoga or Ashtanga yoga?

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Originally yoga was a philosophical system. A discipline of life, with moral principles to follow. 

Practicing yoga brings lots of benefits, which you discover as you practice. Yoga helps develop flexibility, and strength in the body. The exercises allow you to work all parts of the body, legs, glutes, torso, shoulders, neck, muscles, joints. They bring flexibility to the spine (true vital axis);vivify the organs and nervous centers. It can release back pain, whether lumbar or cervical. It can release insomnia problems.It allows the mind to be quieter, less anxious, more efficient. Yoga brings health and longevity. For the practitioner of yoga, taking care of one's body is a sacred duty.

By which Yoga begin: Hatha Yoga or Ashtanga yoga?

By which Yoga begin: Hatha Yoga or Ashtanga yoga? 

Hatha yoga, allows to approach the benefits described above and is addressed to any person, of any age. It is also for people who do not exercise very much in their daily life, to people who are not flexible at all. 

Hatha yoga, allows you to deeply relax your body. His practice includes asanas, breathing exercises and relaxation. 

Ashtanga yoga is for people who still have an active physique because it requires more energy.

It is an energetic yoga, where we do the exercises for more than one hour without stopping at the rhythm of the breathing.The beginner begins with learning and memorizing the first series. It requires more flexibility but is more powerful in these effects on our body and mind. He makes the mind strong and sure of him.

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