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Today I shear my new concept. This is a Shaking Meditation. If we try this meditation so we can fell Happiness. I hope Try and follow this concept.

What is Shaking Meditation?

Tantra provides you the experience where you think that you're a king. Tantra is only a journey. Tantra enables you to connect with the world around you in a manner that opens you to be expressive in a manner which you didn't know was possible. Tantra is the simplest and most compelling path to achieve super consciousness. Tantra teaches you deep meditation tactics, which offers you the freedom to explore every part of Life. Kundalini Meditation is composed of four stages. Everything includes practice.

You merely begin shaking your entire body. The body might become very large or very tiny. It is not the question you are the question. The body isn't the question, you're the question. Everything concerned with the etheric body needs to be done, and everything concerned with a different body should not be done. Your entire body should truly feel the movement and energy. 

Now let's take a good look at every stage. The past two stages consist of a bit of music of about 7-8 minutes. Relax and permit the dance be. You may use the music below as it will help you to get in the groove.

You have to stay in a monotonous Earth, just in 1 room, seeing the very same floor. Since ancient times, life has gotten more complicated. The journey is equally as essential as the destination, and our progress has to be balanced, otherwise there'll stay a kickback'. After the very first week you will start to have some psychic experiences. It is possible to also improve relationships, ability to unwind and feel pleasure and capacity to give and get love.

As soon as you know the way you can move your energy, you're able to even play more with it. Now energy is going to be wasted. The energy starts to move up the spine in some manner, shape or form. As soon as you truly feel sexual energy, you can play with this. Sexual energy may be a main part of your life energy. Free your sexual power and let it flow again.

Shaking Meditation With Sun Salutation

Kundalini isn't really meditation. Kundalini is a sort of biological energy dormant in the body. Shiva and Shakti are two sides of the exact coin, they are an exceedingly potent and an indestructible force that combine together to produce the Universe. The origin of the term asana literally method to sit close to (the teacher). Shaking in the very first stage will help to remove the inner blocks. Then there's a huge distance between you and the reality. At this time you own a sea of love that you can share endlessly.

The way in which the body moves is the correct state. Knowing the tools that cause inner transformation is a very first step, but to be able to actually heal and evolve, we will need to use them regularly. There's no demand for anybody to suffer unnecessarily. If you need a fresh start, try out the Liberation Kriya.

You forget about everything and you're in the present time. The major issue is that you truly feel good. Even if you believe you're dying, however strong that feeling is, however sure you are of it, accept it. At that moment the mind doesn't understand what is going on. It is difficult to be indifferent to feelings, but in case you can be indifferent to your ideas and moods, it is going to happen. You might also experience a sense of electricity or fire inside.

There are lots of reasons why awareness of breath will produce more energy in you. Go on being aware, and if you feel there's no breath, then take note of your no breath. In complete stillness the breath is all but nonexistent. It must be watched no matter what you are thinking, no matter what you are feeling, no matter what is happening. At the center you're just watching your breath. You will learn how to intensify your breath and energy without needing to work so hard. It's also great if you're utilized to the complete breathing.

Your eyes might be open or closed. Half-closed eyes cannot see anything apart from the path, and the path itself is so monotonous it will not offer you something new to consider. Shaking is a very simple but efficient method to receive your energy flowing. You might have noticed that if you're in anger then you want more oxygen, and if you're not in anger you don't need so much. Because you aren't moving, the mind will begin a conversation. You're not required to take part in anything that you do not desire to do and may stop, or pause, the session at any moment. There are lots of support groups on the net, and books that were written about Kundalini Awakening.

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